Small Business Consulting

“We must be prepared to cope—even better, to thrive—in an environment of chaos, uncertainty, constant change, and friction.” USMC Warfighting Manual

The Semper Fi Leader™ Model focuses on developing leaders from scholars to teachers to mentors. Our training program is built on a set of core traits and principals that are non-negotiable elements of leadership. We call it the Semper Fi Leader™ Template. This template shines an unforgiving spotlight and creates true leadership transparency within the organization that adopts it.

At the same time, we work with clients on developing doctrine that will underlie all operational and tactical decisions of the company. Modeled on the approach used by the United States Marine Corps, this doctrine establishes a particular way of thinking about fighting the war on small business, a philosophy for leading your employees, a mandate for professionalism, and a common language. Doctrine is essential to the success of your business -- great leadership skills without sound doctrine will only serve to accelerate your demise.

Finally, we provide access to numerous sources of business financing, from private investors to Small Business Association loans. We provide extensive guidance on everything from cash flow management to financial forecasting to help you maintain consistent, sustainable business growth. In addition, we work with you on establishing an exit strategy that meets your personal goals, whether that involves the sale of the business, franchising, or transitioning the company to family or key employees. 

To learn more about the Semper Fidelis Leadership™ system and our small business consulting services, call us at 214.289.5000 or Contact Us.