Hip Pocket Trainer 365

In the United States Marine Corps, hip pocket training is a "teachable" moment.

Our Hip Pocket Trainer 365™ includes more than 365 individual training modules -- each approximately 3 minutes in length -- delivered daily to your desktop, laptop or smartphone in your choice of video, audio or PDF format.

The Hip Pocket Trainer 365™ turns your workplace into a living laboratory. Each morning you individually or you and your team together watch, listen or read your daily module -- then apply what is learned to your workplace.

When delivered live, some of the world's largest corporations have paid upwards of $10,000 for the same training. (See our Leadership Training program.)

Now you can get the same training for yourself for a one-time subscription of $99. That's just 27 cents a day to access more than 30 hours of leadership instruction.

What's more, your purchase will also provide a scholarship for a transitioning Marine. Each year, more than 35,000 Marines transition from the Corps to the civilian world. The vast majority of these Marines have given at least four years of their lives in service to our country -- during wartime -- and have proven themselves as leaders as either commissioned or non-commissioned officers.

With our Hip Pocket Trainer 365™, not only can civilian leaders and their teams learn how to apply Marine Corps Leadership to create more value in their business, but also learn the value of hiring or doing business with Marine veterans.

At the same time, Marines -- from Corporals to Generals -- are transitioning into an uncertain economic environment and may not be aware of how relevant and needed their Marine Corps Leadership experience is needed in the business world.

To help solve both of these problems, the Semper Fidelis Leadership™ Institute will provide one free Hip Pocket Trainer 365™ subcription to a transitioning United States Marine for every subscription purchased.

Order your Hip Pocket Trainer 365™ today for only $99,
and put your team on track to leadership excellence.