Leaders are not born! Where do they come from? It is not heredity; but the environment that creates them! A coordination of events, circumstances, and effort fosters leadership. Leadership is learned. This book quantifies the key behaviors needed to reach that goal: becoming an outstanding leader!

In Gene Blanton’s book “SEMPER FIDELIS LEADERSHIP: From the Corps to the Corporation”, you will learn how to apply time-honored principles and disciplines of leadership used by the United States Marine Corps. Gene Blanton has captured the key lessons of what makes successful and knowledgeable leaders. There are no real “rose gardens” in life without cultivation of the field.

Blanton has shown he is a master cultivator of leaders.

Having served in the United States Marine Corps and in the business community, I have seen a great array of leaders and leadership styles. The personal success that I have experienced throughout my career in the military and business has been in a large measure due to following the “well worn path” of leadership principles of the United States Marine Corps. Training to be a great leader is based on consistent, dependable, and reliable education.

The leadership lessons and principles outlined in Gene Blanton’s outstanding book will provide those in any leadership position the answer for leadership needs. “SEMPER FIDELIS LEADERSHIP” is a must read for all those who aspire to great leadership. If you follow the lessons in “SEMPER FIDELIS LEADERSHIP” you will be successful. This book is destined to become a classic work on leadership training!

Semper Fi and Lead On!

James L. Williams
Major General, USMC
Commanding General
4th Marine Division
May 2007