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Semper Fidelis Leadership works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop leaders within your company, establish the doctrine that will enable you to increase your firm's valuation, and find working capital to grow your business and achieve long-term goals. To learn more about the Semper Fidelis Leadership™ system and our small business consulting services, call us at 214.289.5000 or email
As General Robert H. Barrow, USMC once said, “Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics.” In the business world that means you can have the greatest products and services, greatest leadership, a wealth creation doctrine and still lose if you can’t get access to growth capital.

In the United States Marine Corps, hip pocket training is a "teachable" moment. Our Hip Pocket Trainer 365™ includes more than 365 individual training modules -- each approximately 3 minutes in length -- delivered daily to your desktop, laptop or smartphone in your choice of video, audio or PDF format.The Hip Pocket Trainer 365™ turns your workplace into a living laboratory. Each morning you individually or you and your team together watch, listen or read your daily module -- then apply what is learned to your workplace.LEARN MORE...

SEMPER FIDELIS LEADERSHIP: From the Corps to the Corporation
Leaders are not born! Where do they come from? It is not heredity; but the environment that creates them! A coordination of events, circumstances, and effort fosters leadership. Leadership is learned. This book quantifies the key behaviors needed to reach that goal: becoming an outstanding leader!In Gene Blanton’s book “SEMPER FIDELIS LEADERSHIP: From the Corps to the Corporation,” you will learn how to apply time-honored principles and disciplines of leadership used by the U.S. Marine Corps. Gene Blanton has captured the key lessons of what makes successful and knowledgeable leaders. There are no real “rose gardens” in life without cultivation of the field.