Making the Corps’ Case for Business Leadership

Business leaders and top academic institutions have long pointed to the United States Marine Corps as an exemplary organization for leadership development and operational excellence. Here are just a few noteworthy comments about implementing the model of the Marine Corps for success in the marketplace.

“Given the tough terrain Corporate America is traversing, it may be time to send in the Marines.” -Business Week

“Marine Corps training is the best management training program in America.” -David Freedman, author of Brain Makers and Corps Business

"In a way, I see the Marines as a microcosm of America at its best. Their focus isn't on weapons and tactics, but on leadership. That's the whole point of the Marines." -Matt Pottinger, Wall Street Journal

"We at Southwest Airlines benefited considerably from our direct interaction with the Marines…” -Donna Conover, Executive Vice President, concerning the Southwest Airlines Marine Corps Leadership Symposium.

“How can you make your office more flexible, more adaptable to new situations and quicker to react with a higher level of performance? Think and act like Marines for one thing.” -St. Louis Post Dispatch

“There is no better preparation for the rigors of running a business than the intense training of the U.S. Marine Corps.” -Wharton Leadership Digest

“The fundamental principles of Marine Corps leadership are not only applicable on the battlefields but also in the boardrooms of global corporations.” -Inc. Magazine 

“Teams work when they are created for the right reasons, and when they are created in the right way. The organization that I think does the best job of meeting these requirements is the U.S. Marine Corps.” -Jon R. Katzenbach, Peak Performance

"Business tactics have evolved in ways that are analogous to the evolution of warfare… companies can apply these (Marine Corps) tactics …to achieve breakthrough results in business." -Nigel Morris, Vice Chairman and Co-founder of Capital One

The Semper Fidelis Leadership™ Institute follows the model and principals of the U.S. Marine Corps in helping entrepreneurs win the war on small business by establishing the vision, values and systems of the business' core doctrine, raising up leaders, and finding the needed capital to grow the business and achieve short- and long-term goals.

To learn more about implementing the Semper Fidelis Leadership™ system at your organization, call us at 214.289.5000 or Contact Us.


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