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The Semper Fi Warrior Experience

By GeneBlanton - 7th November 2012

Join us for our Semper Fi Warrior Experience Saturday 8 Dec 12 from 1000 - 1600 CST at Tactical Urban Training at 4400 Blue Mound Road, Ft. Worth, ...

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The Semper Fi Warrior Course

By GeneBlanton - 13th September 2012

SITUATION - We as Christians are in a war between two kingdoms – The Kingdom  of Satan vs. The Kingdom of God. MISSION - Educate, encourage and equip ...

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Veteran Entrepreneurship – Nature or Nurture?

By GeneBlanton - 12th May 2011

A recent report put out by the SBA's Office of Advocacy found that veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than those that did not serve. The ...

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Cohesion – A Force Multiplier

By GeneBlanton - 3rd April 2011

Cohesion - the bonds of trust within a small group - is a force multiplier.

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Moral Courage

By GeneBlanton - 27th March 2011

As big a business killer as the lack of doctrine, or the lack of sales, or the lack of capital is the leader's lack of moral courage. Former Vice-Chairman of ...

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Is Your Business a Machine or an Organism?

By GeneBlanton - 20th March 2011

Business organizations and business operations are complex systems. A complex system is any system composed of multiple parts, each of which must act individually according to its own ...

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Situational Awareness

By GeneBlanton - 13th March 2011

In the book, Business Leadership, James Kouses wrote, "In more concrete terms, leaders do two things; See reality – size up the situation as it really is, not ...

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Influencing Values

By GeneBlanton - 6th March 2011

The Marines believe that a primary duty of your leadership is to influence the values and beliefs of those you lead.

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“Genghis John”

By GeneBlanton - 27th February 2011

Despised within his own service, Air Force Col. John Boyd impacted the way Marines fight and is still having an impact on how businesses execute.

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You Are In Command – Are You In Control?

By GeneBlanton - 20th February 2011

To paraphrase the Marines, "Command and control is the means by which a leader recognizes what needs to be done and sees to it that appropriate actions are ...

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